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Exploring the Wonders of the Top Chrome Extension for Sports & Entertainment

Among the sea of best Chrome extensions available, there is one outstandingly rated software application that has captivated the interest of both sports enthusiasts and lifestyle users alike. With an impressive aggregate rating of 4.72 out of 5, this Chrome extension has consistently garnered positive reviews and user feedback, establishing itself as a must-have for users seeking real-time World Cup games updates, live scores , and more. It's the perfect blend of sports, entertainment , and online engagement .

Outstanding Features of the Chrome Extension

This top Chrome extension is highly regarded for its comprehensive features and easy-to-use interface. It has proven to be an accurate and very useful tool for both casual and hardcore sports fans. A user, Thomas Dang, lauds its accuracy, significantly enhancing his user experience.

Aside from delivering real-time live scores and World Cup games updates, it also offers a streamlined platform for users to engage with the world of sports and entertainment in a more interactive way. Rohit Shukla, express his appreciation, saying, "Kudos to the developer!!" This sentiment is echoed by Rockstar G, who praises the extension as "Very Useful!".

Why it's the Best of Chrome Extensions

This Chrome extension has consistently received positive user feedback for its reliable and efficient functionality. Youssef Amir stands testament to this as he compliments the extension, "It is really amazing and it gives a very approximate number to the one given by CF later." Moreover, Ryan Zhang simply states, "gud!", expressing his satisfaction with the extension.

On the other hand, the extension has not been without its share of criticisms. Saif Alvi, bet Halym, and Ankit Kumar Sharma have pointed out some operational issues. However, these concerns appear to be isolated, as the overall user experience remains predominantly positive, as evident from the extension's high aggregate rating.


Ultimately, the high regard for this Chrome extension is not unfounded. With its blend of sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and online engagement in one compact package, it's understandable why it's one of the top Chrome extensions. Its ability to provide real-time, accurate World Cup games updates, live scores, and more, all contribute to its popularity and high rating.

If you're a sports fan, an entertainment app enthusiast, or simply a person who values a more engaging online experience, this could be the best Chrome extension for you. Join the legion of satisfied users today and take your online engagement to the next level!

Instant rating updates on Codeforces.

Modifies contest standings for convenience.

Shows approximate rating changes.

Increases efficiency during contests.

Saves time waiting for updates.

May not always be 100% accurate.

Requires initial setup.

Might not be compatible with all browsers.

Possible privacy issues.

May slow down webpage loading times.

146 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension

Really Useful

Harsh Sharma

Not Working

Sujay R

the extension doesn't work no more. It only says "Good luck & high rating!" It doesn't indicate any sort of positive or negative delta


doesn't work anymore, fix it

Nishadul Islam

doesn't work for extended period of time

Md. Iftekhar Islam Tamim

Ratings are approximate not accurate. Like 10-15% less ratings are usually given on round than the extensions predictions.

bt21103019 Aditya Gupta

It is not working!

Harshith Chowdary

Why isn't it working from past 1 month ?

عبدالرحمن حسين

why isn't it working ???? please fix it .

Subha Nayak


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